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DPSKW Receives Partnership Award from Zain, Kuwait

DPSKW has received a partnership award from Zain – a leading mobile telecommunication company in the Middle East, to honor 10 years-partnership with us. The award cognizes the DPSKW’s services to support Zain’s Play, a ticket booking digital platform by Zain. The partnership award appraises DPSKW’s ability to deliver unmatched value, understand the business needs of Zain’s customers, and offer solutions that reduce complexity.

The valuable partnership between the two companies started in the year 2007 when DPSKW helped develop a corporate portal for Zain. The decade-long partnership has been strengthened further by more projects in the last few years, particularly, after Zain’s Play in the year 2012.

DPSKW is honored to receive this corporate award, aiming to continually impact our partnership with Zain.