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Conversational Applications (Chatbots)

Conversational Applications (Chatbots) help businesses unlock the whole level of a customer service environment. See how digital processing systems help you generate instant human-like responses and automate customer conversations with your brand.

Redefining The Future Of Customer Assistance Through
Innovative Conversational Apps – Chatbots

Conversational apps or ‘chatbots’—are modern software applications that help brands unlock the whole level of a customer service environment. They generate instant human-like responses and automate customer conversations with your brand in a digitally-connected space. These conversations could be text-based or speech-based.

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to mimic and fuel these human-like digital conversations. Both NLP and NLU help chatbots recognize text, speech, understand communication intent and decipher multiple languages with a great accuracy level. These languages also allow chatbots to respond in a real-world environment where they act like average humans.

We Help Deliver A Great Service Experience Via
Conversational Highly Powerful Chatbots

Why Conversational Apps (Chatbots)?

Conversational apps (chatbots) drive the business forward and play a significant role in today’s digital transformation. The growing adoption of automated messaging assistance, voice-enabled chatbots is redefining the future of customer assistance at par and beyond. A well-thought-out conversational app can all influence positive business changes in improving customer experiences, increasing operational efficiencies, revitalizing business models and changing how business carry out their day-to-day tasks.

Digital Processing Systems access to a diverse combination of chatbot-centric tools and technologies like Microsoft LUIS and Azure Cognitive Services helps you create highly effective and functional conversational applications (chatbots). Putting exceptional customer service at its core, we build, design, deploy and manage business-specific chatbots with scalable, sustainable speech and voice modalities that are fast, reliable, dynamic, flexible and adaptable to any digital environment.

What Constitutes This Service

Growing digitization and ever-intensifying capabilities of Internet-of-Things, smartphones and wearables have entirely changed the technology ecosystem in recent years. The world is moving towards newer trends and emerging technologies and automating its customer service landscape to create seamless experience journeys for its potential and esteemed clients. We provide highly personalized conversational apps that are user-friendly and quite powerful to recognize, understand the text and speech patterns to generate predefined or pre-programmed auto-responses that are centric to the business.

Our unique conversational apps are built-to-perfection to process text and speech-based commands, decipher the query intent and perform predetermined actions in a blink of an eye. With the computing power to mimic human-computer conversations and create robust customer service interactions, chatbots are here to stay and influence a lasting impact on the entire digital economy. Our conversational apps offer Omnichannel flexibility, which means they offer unified and consistent customer service experiences across all channels, devices and platforms.

At Digital Processing Systems, we consider all key elements deemed necessary to create high-value, high-performing and state-of-the-art chatbots. Our skills and proficiencies in a wide variety of chatbots help us target diverse industries seeking end-to-end conversational apps (chatbots) solutions. We implement the following three types of chatbot applications:


(Get Information About Company Product and Services)


(Inquire About the Service, Its Status, Kind of Read-Only Info but Related to Some Transaction)


(This Is Where User Can Complete the Transaction, Like Applying for A Job, Inquiring Some Complex Transaction Detail (Mainly Read and Write Operation Is Supported)

Revamping Legacy Responses And Accelerating Automated
User Responses Via Advanced Conversational AI chatbots

Service Offerings

Our advanced Conversational Applications use speech-based assistants, messaging applications and chatbots to automate communication and offer a personalized customer experience. We provide a communication interface between your organization and users to optimize and automate business workflows. Our conversational apps are designed to provide highly relevant and customized content through automated SMS text messaging. The conversational app premises are similar to a normal conversation referred to as a series of questions and responses.

Being well-programmed to interact with users provides added touchpoints and customer service in a personalized yet automated manner. A chatbot is undoubtedly the most famous example of machine learning in action. Our chatbots respond to customers in no time, come up with recommendations and direct customers to a different line. Using conversational apps allow your customers to have an excellent customer experience that they truly deserve. We offer an extensive range of conversational applications from chatbots to intelligent virtual assistants and speech-based UIs for smart devices and beyond.

Our Service

Application Development

Develop customized SMS-based conversational app for augmenting already existing applications with the finest SMS functionality.

KHS (Convo) Customization

Customize SMS framework KHS (Convo) for diverse and dynamic convo app use cases.


For coaching development teams, conversational apps are designed and executed within the application or chatbot.

24/7/365--Cost-Effective Solution

Customers want service now and all-year-round. Conversational applications assist customers in a 24/7 capacity. On the other hand, keeping customer service representatives engaged full-time is both challenging and expensive.

Improve Businesses-Intensive Processes And
Computer-Human Communications, Customer-Centric
Queries Through Conversational Apps (Chatbots)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP For Better Human-To-Machine Communication

Natural Language Processing is an AI-powered, linguistic-centric, computer-science-focused virtual assistant that acts as a bridge between human language and computers. Making computer machines read, process, transmit and understand human language mainly requires careful integration of NLP technology into the mainstream chatbot automation framework.

Using NLP, user input gets split into words and sentences. It standardizes the text against all the odds through various techniques and removes the spelling mistakes, errors and jargon for the chatbot to understand the user inquiry. Chatbot instantly gets down to generating predefined automated responses once it analyses the text or speech and understands what a user has inquired.