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DPS Uses Software AG’s IoT & Integration Cloud Platforms within DPS’s IoT Framework to Support Customers

Software AG is a leader in IoT, Integration, API Management, and Business Transformation software.  Our partnership with Software AG has awarded us the world Market Excellence Partner of the year and shows we are a global reach trustful SI with startup mentality! We´ve been working in Process Excellence (ARIS), iPaas, API Management and BPMs (webMethods) in projects all over the world!!

DPS and Software AG have partnered to provide end-to-end IoT services to assist enterprises in accelerating large-scale IoT implementations. This DPS/Software AG collaboration is ground-breaking.  The major goal of this collaboration is to meet the ever-increasing demand from businesses for an all-in-one Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

IoT – Interaction Between the Physical and Artificial World.

There isn’t a single industry that hasn’t benefited from the Internet of Things. DPS uses agile methodology and flexible IT infrastructure to master the challenges and to make the best possible strategic decisions.

The combination of DPS’s Cloud and IoT with software-based insights and integration capabilities of Software AG’s Digital Business has opened a new era of success for all partners to enhance, flourish and develop individually but also promote global digitalization of all products. This amazing combination of Software AG’s Digital Business and solutions has remarkably enhanced the approachability of IoT for all the users throughout the world with a new welcoming outlook. This well fortified and dynamic partnership has promised not only to provide but create such useful and friendly opportunities globally for enhancing and solving all problems by maximizing its speed and by making it more relaxing for the application and operations.

The partnership will provide customers services and support, Internet of Things (IoT), integration technologies and analytics. Our mutual solutions will help communications service providers (CSPs) to accelerate the roll-out of digital solutions empowered with new advanced IoT offerings.

The main area of attraction for enterprises by this union is the latest designs, trouble-free upgrading, swift operations, flexible strategic decisions with different solutions and worldwide deployment models.

This DPS/Software AG association is progressive. This impactful handshaking between partners has opened multiple doors of business for each customer with full privacy, outstanding reliability, guaranteed security, smooth alignment of projects as well as products with insured accurate data provision for every user, anytime and everywhere with easy accessibility.

This symbiotic partnership is initially concentrating only on the Middle east but soon they realized that this modern vision and spectacular technology needs a broader platform to celebrate its full features and evolution by inviting other sponsors and expertise.

The business world has welcomed this bond with open hands and embraced this modern 21st Century technology, which is the demand of time, with full enthusiasm. Multiple partners have joined this New World of Networking which not only accelerates the expansion of IoT solutions but also strengthens the relationship between expertise and users.



Software AG – One of The Sharpest and Leading Business Tool!

Software AG is the software leader of the 21st Century. Since 1969, Software AG has helped more than 10,000 organizations with their software to connect people, departments, systems and devices to achieve their business aims faster. Software AG is a leading business tool that helps organizations to better interact with their customers and encourage them to build new digital journeys and constantly create new opportunities for business growth. Software AG enables enterprises to integrate, connect, analyze and manage data based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Software AG has 4,700+ employees in 70 countries and had revenue of €879 million, intending to exceed €1bn by 2023.