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Machine Learning

Turn your AI-specific, ML-centric, DL-focused problems into business value. Digital Processing System provides reliable, scalable, high-performing Machine Learning/Deep Learning solutions to get you digitally mature.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is the robotic brainpower demonstrated by machines. These machines are programmed and designed to think like humans and emulate their actions through human-based intelligence parameters such as visual perception, algorithms, advanced decision-making, speech recognition, language interpretation and more. The best thing about AI is its ability to rationalize and take prompt actions on its own without involving any direct human intervention or assistance. AI-powered machines have the human-like intellect to ‘Think Humanly, Think Rationally,’ and ‘Act Humanly, Act Rationally.

Machine Learning (ML)

Is the AI-led digital technology that provides computing systems the ability to learn from data obtained from deep insights, identify unknown patterns, determine high-performing data-driven predictive modeling or predictive analytics without being explicitly programmed. ML can evaluate massive volumes of data, learn from the data automatically and improve functional efficiencies and tasks-oriented experience. It helps you make better yet informed decisions with minimal human intervention. ML involves a full suite of technologies, including but not limited to—Deep Learning (DL).

Deep Learning (DL)

Is Machine Learning (ML) on steroids. It is one of the groundbreaking AI-led, ML-driven digital technologies centered on self-adaptive advanced algorithms and artificial neural networks inspired by human intelligence that allow machines to empower themselves to execute a particular task. It gives computing systems the enhanced ability to discover and augment even the smallest patterns for decision-making.

Drive Business Outcomes, Improve Operational Efficiency And Make Breakthrough Digital Transformation With Machine Learning/Deep Learning Capabilities

Machine Learning (ML) And Deep Learning Broad Comparison

Comparison Metrics

Data Requirement

Hardware Requirement

Problem Solving

Algorithm Structure


Feature learning

Time execution

Machine Learning (ML)

Requires Low Data Set To Make Predictions

Works On Low-End Machines

For Simple Decisions



Manual Input Required

Low, Ranging From Few Secs To a Few Hours

Deep Learning (DL)

Requires High Data Set To Make Predictions

Works On High-End Machines

For Complex Decisions

Complex, Multi-layered


Self-Adaptive, It Learns By Itself

High Since It Involves Multiple Layers

Discover, Detect, Rectify And Fine-Tune Your Business’s Performance Via State-Of-The-Art Machine Learning/Deep Learning Solutions

Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Digital Processing Systems offer all-inclusive machine learning services designed for businesses looking forward to unrestricted power, research flexibility, monitoring and specialized automation for ML operationalization. We address complications using extendable and configurable templates for deep learning – the Natural Language Processing, Model Life Cycle Management, Streaming Prediction Services, Multiple Language Support, Constant Logging and Optimization.

We leverage machine intelligence to achieve the unexplored areas of corporate models. Using machine learning models, we allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our highly customized solutions operating on leading machine learning algorithms provide image and video analytics according to emerging technologies. Embracing Al-driven operations, customer satisfaction is our topmost priority whether you are looking for strategy advising to unraveling complications and achieving ultimate deep learning solutions.

Our Platforms

Amazon Machine Learning

If you are hosting data on AWS, you are more likely to acquire the best benefits from Amazon machine learning. We help you use the power of wizards, information visualization tools and administer the Amazon infrastructure.

Google Machine Learning

We assist you in excerpting the full potential of Google’s ML services for data evaluation and prediction. You will receive comprehensive datasets from Google cloud storage.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure machine learning helps achieve data-driven applications (DDA) and assists in leveraging the potential of Azure ML. This platform can develop (DDA) apps that can estimate, predict and change future outcomes.

Machine Learning / Deep Learning Technologies—A Digital Frontier To Counter All Digital Disruptions


Digital Processing Systems help customers harness AI-led innovations in Ml/Dl capabilities to exploit growth opportunities, enhance business efficiency and sustainability while speeding up digital transformation efforts. We create intelligent enterprises using AI capabilities, drive innovation, accelerate automation, streamline operations and make smarter everyday business decisions secure.

We convert your AI-driven ML/DL vision into a reality, regardless of the complexity involved. We do this by bringing ML/DL capabilities into focus and applying intelligence and experience in Machine learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other AI-focused technologies.


Deep Learning

Using deep learning competencies, we design cognitive corporate technology frameworks. Evaluating the complex information, we offer tremendous prospects and deliver accurate solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Help businesses evaluate the data through machine learning technology and statistical algorithms. Our empowered solutions precisely predict future outcomes.

Machine Learning Programming

Provision of customized machine learning software for practically feasible decision-making models and automate corporate practices. Transform raw information from big data providers to deploying models across multiple systems.


Using predictive demonstration, we improve business performance, risk vindication and performance monitoring to achieve business intelligence and increased revenue.


Neural Network Development

With neutral network strategies, our proficient team produces deep learning mechanisms possessing massive data sets and creating popular app patterns.

Marketing Automation Solutions

By incorporating machine learning programs combined with CRM apps and marketing automation, we optimize accurate prediction, quantify leads and improve content for the targeted customers.

Optimize Your Business Performance With Machine Learning/Deep Learning Technologies

Following Are The Few Areas Where Deep Learning Model Are Quite Helpful


Image Recognition/Object Detection

Using ML/DL capabilities, we extract meaningful and resourceful information from a given digital image. We identify, detect and diagnose an object in a snap using our advanced Computer Vision expertise, including object recognition, facial recognition, pattern identification, text detection, image analysis and more.


Medical Diagnosis Using Pattern Recognition

Low-scale or Poor quality medical image quality creates a troublesome situation where feature extraction, scrutiny, analysis, and recognition becomes problematic, leading to compromised results. We prioritize your defective medical images and identify, store, detect, transmit, analyze and display medical images to resolve medical issues. Our medical pattern recognition helps you in all PR techniques in the treatment of illnesses and decision support.


Predictive Analytics And Customer Churn

We extend and leverage high-scale, advanced predictive modeling, or predictive analytics knowledge in the ML/DL field. We enable you to gain deep insights from previously unmapped or unexplored data through advanced algorithms, create precise data predictions about future desired results and leverage the full-scale potential of all current company resources. Besides optimizing and future-proofing your business, accurate predictive analysis also reduces the customer churn rate on top of everything.


Fraud And Anomaly Detection

Machine Learning can also help you with fraud and anomaly detection and prevention and help solve all the discrepancies beforehand. We leverage ML to detect anomalies, fraud patterns usual behaviors and beyond. By leveraging our advanced ML/DL capabilities, we help you gain insights for accelerated business outcomes. While preventing all fraud risks in income tax/corporate tax, purchase departments, retail networks, supply chains, procurement and more.


Language Analytics

Giving constant value to the potential and esteemed customer is the dream and desire of every business, whether small or large. Our robust language analytics solutions are designed to help you identify, diagnose and process language-oriented patterns for increased company productivity, enhanced user experience and accelerated business outcomes. We help you gain new insights on customer-specific behaviors and provide you more command and control over creating the right environment and ROI-generating atmosphere for your business through advanced language analytics.

DPS Machine Learning (ML) Deliver The Following Set Of Values


Voice-Activated Service

Whether you are looking to develop a voice assistant for your business or want a consulting on voice-activated services, we have got you covered. Our ML experts are available round-the-clock to help you get your desired voice-enabled consulting and solutions.

Chatbot Customer Service

Whether you are looking to integrate a chatbot into your existing digital portfolios or want a completely new one for your business, we can help you with a high-performing, fully-functional chatbot of choice for maximizing your business performance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The visual text analytics feature helps in extracting the required unstructured data and driving value from it by combining Machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).


Integration With Digital Assistant Apps And Devices

We provide robust integration with digital assistant apps and devices to upscale your business performance. Our seamless integration in quick succession helps you deliver value to your customers quickly and efficiently.


Voice Recognition And Integration With Business Applications

We provide all kinds of vital services related to voice recognition and integration with existing and new business applications by leveraging our best ML/DL capabilities to use.

Turn Your AI-Specific, ML-Centric,
DL-Focused Problems Into Business Value!

DPS Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing Solutions:

When it comes to image, video analysis and processing, DPS has extensive expertise in dealing with all kind of ML-centric use cases. Our image and video processing solutions have become synonymous with superior quality, highly accurate & advanced algorithms for object processing, especially when it comes from object identification to object detection, object classification to object segmentation and beyond. Besides offering full-cycle development, our state-of-the-art solutions are inspired by cutting-edge technologies to solve complex individual needs and business challenges.

Our Image and video analytics solutions can be applied in a wide variety of business sectors, including but not limited to retail, e-commerce, mobile technology, agriculture, insurance, medicine and more. Our robust solutions can deliver value with:


Contactless attendance system using face recognition.


Rust detection for maintenance.


Car make/model and license plate detection.


Salary certificate document processing.


Satellite-image processing.


Processing of drone images.


Loan application process automation.

Other Services Where AI/ML/DL Is Being Used At DPS

In certain business scenarios where human to machine and machine to machine communication are needed, AI/ML technologies help humans make better decisions. Some of the areas where AI/ML is helping to deliver more advanced use cases are:

Interactive Chatbots

We develop chatbots for a wide variety of organizations and industries be it, support chatbots, assistant bots, transactional bots, conversational bots and more We help companies create highly interactive and personalized customer interaction to increase business value, ROI, customer retention and loyalty.

Robotic Process Automation

We have expertise in creating and programming bots, robots and drones to help you with maps & models, capture images and evaluate information across dynamic industries. Our RPA capabilities are inspired by ML/DL technologies that help us create state-of-the-art models and solutions.

Digital Assistant

We possess extensive expertise in voice-enabled services and solutions. Our AI developers and professionals having extensive ML/DL knowledge also build Voice Assistants using AI-driven, Machine Learning/Deep Learning capabilities. Voice Recognition (VR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are some of those capabilities that help boost productivity and enhance brand awareness through Voice Search.

Proactive Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Solutions For Accelerated Business Outcomes

Steps Involved in ML / DL Related Projects

Use Case Evaluation, Validation And Authentication

Data Procurement, Enhancement, Cleansing, Scrubbing

Data Research, Preparation And Dataset Analysis

Model Building, Improvement And Training

360-Degree Model Evaluation And Parameter Adjustment

Model, Development, Deployment And Consumption

Model Innovation, Support And Future Enhancements

Our Approach

Digital Processing Systems provide strategically-designed, smart solutions for the upcoming digital revolution. Our extensive Machine Learning/Deep learning capabilities personify our excellence in the field of emerging digital technologies that are significantly changing how businesses are run and operated digitally today. Our agile approach to innovative, high-end ML/DL models consists of a four-step process that helps companies enhance their bottom line and achieve the desired level of efficiency and results.

Data Understanding

Data Understanding lies in the core of building a successful ML/DL model. Your Machine Learning/Deep Learning model is more likely to succeed if you are good at gathering data from relevant, credible sources and making a comprehensive analysis to have a good understanding of business-specific issues. Our ML/DL experts cross-examine appropriate data and formulate the final project execution roadmap to enhance your business’s performance.

Data Preparation

Data preparation is one of the building blocks of a successful Machine Learning/Deep Learning model. Having a complete understanding of data in the backpack, our experts enhance the data quality by converting and cleaning the raw data to avoid any unformatted or incomplete data in the future using machine learning algorithms.

Model Building

An ideal model building depends on multiple factors such as an effective ML/DL strategy, perfect execution plan, complete understanding of data, comprehensive preparation of data and more. Our experts have the right wisdom to put the model building development process to perfection, regardless of the complexities involved in each development life cycle layer. We develop, train and improve ML/DL models, assess their efficiency and performance and identify gaps between the current and newly designed competencies and experiences. We reiterate the entire process until the benchmarks of the desired accuracy are achieved.

Evaluation And Deployment

Once the Ml/DL model is comprehensively evaluated across all verticals, including but not limited to your data-centric feedback, potential ML/DL model efficiency and performance results, we proceed with the deployment phase of models. We only begin our model deployment proceedings once you are fully satisfied and pleased with the evaluation.

Automate Your Digital Journeys Through Machine Learning And Deep Learning Capabilities

Tools And Technologies

DPS has expertise in the following ML Approaches:

Genetic Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm is a metaheuristic methodology that exploits natural selection phenomena, such as mutation, selection and crossover, to perform search and optimization problems.

Support Vector Machines

SVMs are supervised learning models that assist in data analysis for further classification and regression analysis.

Bayesian Network

Also known as a decision network, the Bayesian network is a probabilistic graphical model. Mostly utilized in knowledge discovery and prediction of an event’s cause, it uses acyclic graphs to make casual relations between variables.

Artificial Neural Network

Artificial Neural Network enhances its learning and improvement by imitating biological neural networks. The mechanism it utilizes is of connected units called artificial neurons. In ANN, a variety of operations are performed by layers of these neurons on the input.

Ml / Dl Platforms

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Google Cloud AI

IBM Watson

Amazon Machine learning


Apache Spark