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Principle Guideline for Development, when searching for solutions to coding problems, we come across a plethora of resources on reliable programming documentation, code commenting, or programming practices. However,  most people find it difficult to contextualize the knowledge obtained from such web sources into required working solutions.

Principle Guideline for Development

General Guidelines

The need for precise, accurate, and reliable data has never been greater than it is now. The development process plays a critical part in addressing that requirement. For a programmer, the three high-level coding rules are to build codes that:

  • Addresses a specific issue/ problem;
  • Is simple to read and comprehend;
  • Is extendable and maintainable.

A successful coding attitude begins with asking oneself if your three high-level programming goals are being met. Writing extendable and maintainable code saves duplication issues and increases code reuse. Modularizing functionality and code to 

prevent duplication and creates a clear framework that makes the code easier to reuse and navigate.

UI Guidelines

If your company employs a developer, we recommend setting goals to help you build designs that are objectively excellent, based on design systems, well-established concepts, and methodologies that translate effectively to code.

For front-end development coding best practices, synergizing creative design, consumer psychology, and programming to create intuitive controls for hardware and software is an accomplishment in itself. However, Developers may continually raise the bar for development quality by establishing an agreed-upon set of best practices and standards for development teams, ensuring a consistent code structure.

Furthermore, these standards and their upkeep are intended to spark conversation regarding the procedure and the evolution of development standards. DPS & Liferay, Inc. recognizes this, as seen by the coding best practices, guidelines, and rules – whatever you want to call them — they follow. We realize that codes are all about being safe, secure, dependable, testable, maintainable, portable, and navigable.

Understanding technical changes allow us to be better code shepherds and developers for our clientele.

Best Practices that Liferay Developers follow 

Moreover, the benefits of having standards documentation are enormous. Following these best practices has already substantially improved our development process, whether it is onboarding a developer to the team, adding a developer to a new project, or assisting in maintaining a high level of quality and consistency of code on a long term project with a big workforce, we can do it all!

Furthermore, we hope you and your development team will pick up something insightful and valuable from our standards and discover methods to adapt and improve to meet the demands of your clients. We will continue to update these standards as we refine our procedures, and as our front-end and back-end, best practices evolve.

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