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Budget Management & Planning System

Key offering

  • Check Budget Account Details
  • Planner Budget Estimation
  • Manpower Budget Estimation
  • Administration and User management
  • Projects Budget Estimation.

Budget management and planning system

An easy to use comprehensive budget management application that helps the Finance department to manage and plan their budgets for the current or previous Fiscal Years. It allows the user to check budget account details, provide an estimation on the budget planner, perform transfer transactions temporary and follow up the budget and much more. It benefits the finance department in several regards i.e. comparison between all types of budgets, history of previous budgets and comparison, calculations for budgets accounts related to staff etc.

Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve

  • Finance Department wanted an application through which they can plan and manage Budgets for current and previous Fiscal Years.
  • There are four types of Budget. Planner, Approved, Follow up and Temporary
  • The Planned budget is later presented in the Kuwait National Assembly for the Approval.
  • Until and unless the Planned Budget is approved by Kuwait National Assembly there is a Temporary Budget on which Department works.
  • Follow up budget is generated Based Approved, to perform transfer transactions during the year between budget Items.

Key solution elements (business functions)

  • Ability to Allow users to check Budget Account Details for all chapters and for all views (i.e Organizational Level) , Sector Level, Department Level.
  • Provide estimation on Planner Budget.
  • Ability to perform transfer transactions on Temp and Follow up Budget.
  • Manpower Budget Estimation
  • Administration and User management
  • Projects Budget Estimation.
  • Show hide Budget Accounts based on User Roles.

Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)

  • Comparison Between All types of Budget.
  • History of Previous Budgets and Comparison.
  • Ability to Transfer Budget amounts and see the effect on the budget real time.
  • Calculations for Budgets Accounts related to Staff. E.g. End Of Service, Social Security, Travel Allowance etc.

Any KPIs / measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)