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Advanced Digital Culture Insurance

Key Offerings

  • Digital channel for insurance 
  • Self-service 
  • Back end administration to manage products, offering, users
  • Insights for campaigns
  • online claim submission
  • Integration with core insurance and 3rd party systems  

Advanced Digital Culture Insurance Solution for Improved Collaboration and Productivity

A highly collaborative digital culture system is equipped with advanced business-focused mission-critical features for better overall customer experience with greater flexibility and 24/7 global access. The solution provides full visibility and control to various business functions and makes daily business tasks easy and stress-free.

Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve


  • Encourages digital culture (with improved collaboration).
  • Increase sales, agility, productivity, and Profit by enabling up and cross-selling.
  • Enabling global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Live Communication & improve of quality of services (for Policy Holders)
  • Automation of the manual, far-reaching, critical process of the Insurance business.

Key solution elements (business functions)


  1. Web / Mobile Apps offering e-Services to customer.
  2. Non- Medical Claim Processing – For Claim review and approval function
  3. Quotation Module- For corporate and complex policy requirement leading to purchase.
  4. Business Rule Matrix – Enable customers to change benefits/features of the policy and directly buy the policy online.
  5. Integrations with Core insurance system and enabling live data access across Omni channel.
  6. Administration – For services definition and configurations
  7. Management Dashboard – Giving visibility of sales for different dimensions, like the product, region, age bracket.

Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)


  • An overall better customer experience with greater flexibility.
  • Data-driven customer insights
  • Greater resource management and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Collaborate with confidence while maintaining full visibility and control with help of customer
  • Increased operational success by transformational execution.

Any KPIs / measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)


  • 75% reduction in customer acquisition cost with help of digital transformational.
  • 50% increase in Customer retention index by offering renewal of policy and insights to customer’s policy.
  • Conduct market and customer research at a fraction of the usual cost.
  • Increase response time by reaching your target audience fast.