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Disbursement System

Key offering

  • Grants and Grants application management
  • Loans and loan agreement management
  • Financial arrangement process
  • Management of Legal documents 

Disbursement System

A user-friendly and effective system for managing and monitoring the loans and grants agreements by various features such as managing and controlling the workflow for the entered data etc… The system also provides synergy between a wide range of tasks across grants and grants application management, loans and loan agreement management, financial arrangement process, management of legal documents and more.

Few points on the objective client wanted to achieve

– Centralize the functional logic to be easier in the maintenance and removing conflicts from the system.

– Removing the redundancy while entering the Withdrawal applications information two times “in the disbursement system and NBK online system”.

– Faster Performance in retrieving the data.

– Enhance the user experience by providing a better look & feel with more features.

– Use the latest technology & Standards to be up to date.

Key solution elements (business functions)

– Specify the roles for each department through a bunch of authorization rules.

– Managing The Grants Processes: (Agreements, Contracts, LC Agreements, and Withdrawal Applications).

– Managing The Loans Processes: (Agreements, Contracts, LC Agreements, Withdrawal Applications, Claims, and Repayment).

– Managing The Financial Arrangement Processes: (Special Arrangements, HIPC Arrangements, and Rescheduling Arrangements)

– Integrating with KFUND Website, DAW “Document Automation Workflow” System, Accounting System, and Operation System.

Key benefits achieved through this solution (qualitative)

  • Managing and monitoring the Loans & Grants Agreements by various features such as:
    1. Managing & controlling the Workflow for the entered data.
    2. Providing a wide range of different types of reports including but not limited to Statistical reports and Auditing reports.
    3. Linking the various Departments that participate in the business process by integrating the system with other related systems.
  • Linking the digital documents of the Loans/Grants Agreements, Contracts and their amendments, LC Agreements, and their amendments and the Withdrawal Transactions with the inserted data in the system while entering them, which make retrieving, checking, and reviewing the information easier and faster, as all the information is shown in one place.
  • Enhancing the Claims Management by providing the feature of Checking and tracing the sent claims, upcoming claims, Reminders, Warning, and Suspensions for the countries.
  • Fast searching and access to the requested data by providing an “Advance Search” ability in all the application processes.
  • Enhancing the user experience by providing an amazing look & feel to the System with a lot of features that make the system easy to use.

Any KPIs / measures that could quantify the benefits (quantitative)

  1. Enhancing the Operational efficiency by 60% compared to the legacy system.