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Projects Delivered

DPSKW Revamps Digital Experiences for Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait

The DPSKW with its partner, Liferay, refurbished Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait’s digital presence and provided them with a seamless digital experience across all digital channels. With DPSKW’s Digital Experiences (DXP), Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait was able to streamline its processes into one seamless solution. This meant faster turnaround times, lower admin costs, and high revenue.

Today, Gulf Insurance Group-Kuwait has become the first insurance company in the region to implement and provide a complete digitized customer experience. After implementing digital experiences, the company reported a 30% surge in its customer base and a significantly increased revenue. Read more.

Ci-Net Increases Customer and Corporate Base with DPSKW DXP

DPSKW via its partner, Liferay, provided Ci-Net with digital experiences that fulfilled all of its digital transformation goals, making it easier and more intuitive for customers to get the help they need. DPSKW reimagined Ci-Net’s user experience and built a consolidated digital solution for multiple customer touchpoints via the web, mobile applications, KIOSKs, and chatbots.

The results have been astounding – Ci-Net is seeing a 30% increase in its customer base and a 25% increase in its corporate customer base. Read more.