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Web Application Development

Digital Processing Systems offers best-in-class web development services and provide robust web applications with a technically savvy development team.

Create High-End And Cross-Platform Web Apps That Generates Higher ROI

Simply put, web apps refer to the set of tools and technologies required to fuel and power internet applications. Web application development is creating web-centric application programs that can be transmitted or accessed by the user via the internet using the preferred web browser. These dynamically-powered programs utilize client-server resources (server-side and client-side scripts) to perform tasks over the internet and present information to users.

At Digital Processing Systems (DPS), we provide businesses of all sizes and scale the means necessary to effectively communicate with prospects and clients. Common examples of web applications include E-Commerce/Shopping Cart Applications, Dynamic Web Apps, Portal Web Apps, Support and Product Request Forms, Instant Messaging Services, Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, Online Training, Interactive Games, Content Management Systems and more.

What Constitutes This Service

Web applications have become part and parcel of running a successful business in today’s consistently changing digital landscape. A company without a robust digital footprint cannot sustain itself and may drag you out of business. Growing digitalization, emerging new technologies and highly-opinionated human-centric transformation have impelled companies to rapidly launch business-focused web applications to make their online presence felt with superiority.

At Digital Processing Systems (DPS), we provide a highly personalized, intuitive user experience using agile approaches and integrated technologies to suit client-specific, technology-focused, strategy-implementation of MCV pattern. This is how we ensure that the developed web application is easy-to-manage, easy-to-stable, easy-to-secure, easy-to-scale and offer feature-extending-flexibility at par and beyond.

Fast, Scalable And Highly-Secure Web Applications To Help You Counter All Digital Disruptions

Service Offerings

From project conception to realization, our highly experienced web application development team will successfully help transform your digital journey. Being an industry veteran, we have honed our web development skills to create optimized web application solutions that surpass your clients’ strategic goals. Be it custom web application development, enterprise-scale high-end websites, online service platforms, industry-specific web applications or off-the-shelf web app development – we have got everything covered.

With our technical expertise in designing a flexible SaaS application, we offer you top-notch cloud-based app development services using Microsoft and Google App Engine. Further, we use languages like NET, PHP, Java, on both new and existing platforms. Our cloud expertise across all service domains (architecture, virtualization and database) will help you build and deploy cloud apps—quickly and uniformly.

If You Are Looking For Digital Requirement Management Services, DPS Is Where You Can Kick-Start Your Success Journey


Fastest And Easiest Route To Modern UI/UX Web Apps That Scale

User Experience (UX) design includes design architecture, information architecture, structured content architecture, visual aesthetics, cross-digital design integration and human-computer interaction. A perfect amalgamation of all these UX design elements at speed offers a great experience to users who wish to go digital and shop online. We create awareness across all touchpoints that makes the entire user experience exhilarating.

Digital Processing Systems UX Experience Design Services Enable You To:


Solve complicated design related problems at speed and scale


Deliver quantifiable outcomes for complex challenges


Leverage user-centric impact


Help build the right design strategy at the right time for the right audience


Build intuitive, seamless user experiences across all channels


Improve user satisfaction, conversion and retention

Our highly experienced and cross-functional teams help leverage a comprehensive UX and product design to entice new and existing clientele and drive them to keep coming back for more. AT DPS, our human-centered design experts understand the unique challenges and complexities across all design or user-experience elements.

Get Full-Featured Web Apps To Automate Your Business Journey Amid Constantly Changing Business Environment

Requirement Management

Clear, Succinct And Error-Free Requirements Are Secret Ingredients
To Successful Web Apps

Digital Requirement management is pivotal to a successful web application venture. In its core lies effective developer-client communication that pushes the project on the right track and leads to digital glory. Only clear, concise and error-less project requirements can promptly detect and identify errors, short-falls and opportunities and help mitigate risks and project costs.

At Digital Processing Systems (DPS), we ensure that the product development objectives are met with absolute agility and excellence. We capture, trace, document, analyze, verify, prioritize and manage user-centric, project-focused requirements and constraints that can impact the project’s overall outcome. By taking into account, all relevant requirement management aspects, we create a smooth web development lifecycle and therefore successful web applications.

DPS Requirement Management Services Empowers You To


Capture, trace, document, analyze, verify, prioritize and manage all product-focused requirements and constraints


Set up specific, testable, clear, concise, accurate, verifiable, feasible, realistic web development benchmarks


Evaluate and create UI/UX workflows, prototype and design, technology, database architecture, web app development, application testing and more


Foster web application consistency and eliminate redundancy


Reinforce live collaboration, minimizes rework, expands usability and increases transparency and traceability


Establish visibility into changes and harness the growing complexity of digitally connected web products


Optimize web application development lifecycle

Market-Leading Web Applications To Transform Your Business Reputation And Fuel Your Business Growth

DPS Web Application Development Services Include:

Dynamic Web Applications

These apps are commonly developed using ASP and PHP technologies and have a content management system in place, making them flexible to change and easily adaptable in real-time. At DPS, we built powerful dynamic web applications using agile development methodologies to meet specific business challenges and requirements.

E-Commerce Web Applications

These apps have a user-friendly panel or dashboard where potential customers can shop and buy their desired products. The administrative panel allows you to add/create/update/modify and delete items with ease. At DPS, we create stable, feature-rich, user-friendly, on-demand e-commerce web applications for SMEs and large scale businesses across all industries.

Content Management Integrated Web Applications

These apps are common among media sites, digital blogs, web articles and sites where content is frequently uploaded and modified. At DPS, we create unbroken, highly-operational web apps with content management systems to help you establish a lasting relationship with your audience.

Device-Agnostic Applications

At DPS, we deliver convenient, reliable, fully-functional and visually-compelling applications that offer end-users a connected user experience across all digital channels and touchpoints, including web, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Out-Dated Application Rework

At DPS, we re-create, re-design, modernize out-fashioned and un-friendly web app interfaces to make them look compelling again with evolving end-user needs contemporary technologies.

Static Web Applications

These apps are developed in CSS, JQuery, HTML and have limited content display properties. However, our experienced web app developers know how to put everything to perfection and create picture-perfect static apps that deliver desired results.

At Digital Processing Systems, we provide high-quality web application development services across all industries, from banking to finance, from healthcare to transportation and beyond. We enable application-specific transformation, inspired by modern UI/UX connected experiences and agile methodologies to drive business efficiency and boost profits.

Custom-Tailored Web Applications To Meet User-specific Requirement

The Technology We Are Involved With That Underpins Web Application Development

Client-Side Scripting Technologies








Server-Side Scripting Technologies









Web Development Frameworks




















Data Format








.Net Framework

A .Net Framework is an open-source software development framework, offered to the global community of developers by Microsoft to build and run a broad range of Windows applications. It is the subset of .NET platform that provides a controlled programming environment. A suite of tools, libraries, programming and languages enables developers to create and run windows software and web applications across Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, Web and more at a much higher speed and ease.


Why DPS Use .NET Framework?

  • Reliable and scalable
  • Open-source with peripheral benefits
  • Greater language interoperability
  • Greater architecture choice and server freedom

.Net Core

.NET Core is a popular, free and managed web development framework developed by Microsoft to build and run web applications on the .NET platform. Its open-source capability and cross-platform support makes it ideal for Linux, Windows and macOS .etc.


Why Digital Processing Systems (DPS) Use .NET Core?

  • Moderns and innovative
  • Open-source with peripheral benefits
  • suitable for Windows, macOS, Linus and Docker
  • Flexible deployment
  • Highly-flexible with modern interfaces
  • Supports cross-deployment between Windows Forms, WPF and UWP
  • High-performance and scalability

Java Platform

Java Platform involves various programs, including java language that helps users/programmers of all skill levels run, craft and develop Java-based applications efficiently.


Why Digital Processing Systems (DPS) Use Java Platforms?

  • Stable, secured and dynamic
  • Object-oriented nature
  • Continuous development and support
  • Cross functionality and portability
  • Efficient memory storage
  • Open-source platform
  • Supported by high-quality tools
  • Multithreaded environment
  • The durability of deliverables and servers
  • Offers a rich set of APIs